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Crexendo, Inc. (NASDAQ:CXDO) has risen 186% since our November 10, 2023 post-Q3 earnings Skull Session Briefing with the company’s COO, Doug Gaylor.

After this past Thursday’s follow up briefing with him, we think it is a good time to highlight some of the clips from our Twitter Space discussion with 20-yr Telecom Expert Joe Hamblin, as some of Doug’s and Joe’s views intersect.

The talk with Hamblin, intended for us to keep learning about what companies like CXDO have to do to keep growing, actually occurred one day prior to November’s event with Doug and CXDO’s strong third quarter earnings release.

In tandem with a few of Hamblin’s clips, it’s actually quite serendipitous that in his latest talk with us, Doug spoke about some of the same subject matter, giving us a more rounded view from combined perspectives of a telecom microcap company C-Suite executive and someone who is completely qualified to comment on the continuing evolution of the space that companies like CXDO operate in.

Joe also talks about the growing role that AI will have in improving customer service communications.

Additionally, some of the things covered in the Spaces event with Joe are also relevant to Altigen Communications Inc (OOTC:ATGN), which seems to have possibly found its bottom and is starting to creep back up in price.

In total, we have 4 clips to highlight.

This first clip is worth referencing from the Space with Joe because it covers opportunities that small cloud communication players can exploit to grow. He specifically talks about how companies that have unique product offerings will be the winners in a competitive environment. When you look at CXDO, one of its unique competitive advantages is how it prices its services to incentivize resellers to purchase licenses that it can offer to businesses. The following clips from Hamblin and Gaylor highlight this topic:

Hamblin on Emergence of Smaller Companies in the Cloud Telecom Space

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This premium content included information on our newest Model Portfolio holding with multibagger potential that just won a 5-year contract. It’s nice to see that the stock is already hitting highs, and is now up 14.83% since being added.

One stock we are watching, Environmental Tectonics (OOTC:ETCC), which offers aircrew training systems, just reported its first profit in a long time on the heels of a burgeoning backlog and 2 cents in EPS for its third quarter. The stock is trading around 80 cents.

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