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In focus this Sunday are a winning pitch by a Geoinvesting member and a new intense earnings recap idea we’re thinking of implementing, if you like it.

This past week saw London-based building services stock Kinovoa, PLC. (KINO.L) (OOTC:BILBF) attain a new 52-week high of GBp 70 per share, so congrats are in order to Paul T. (@Investmentideen), who, as we noted in a small case study published to GeoInvesting, pitched the stock to us in an Investor Insights session on August 23, 2023. 

“Part of his thesis revolved around the potential of a hostile takeover due the stock’s very low valuation – one of the lowest in the industry.”

We are going to keep stressing that scenarios that unfold like this are why you should, if you aren;t already, really start to pay attention to Skull Sessions, where we smoke out some of the most salient ideas from Investor Insights and Management Interviews. 

We know that some of you prefer reading over video, which is why we provide written narratives   from clips worth focusing on – pitches, arbitrage, investment philosophy/strategies, to name a few things we think are important.

In the least, the replays are there for your viewing shortly after the events. You can see Paul’s clipped pitch on Kinovo here.

Shifting gears a little, but still along the lines of “handpicked”, now that we are heading into 2023 Q4 earnings reporting season, we thought it to be a good idea to tabulate the last several months of company financial performances that we compiled for our Monthly Forums, going back to August 2023.

As you know, we curate the most notable earnings releases from our Model Portfolio stocks, and generally from across our large universe of microcap coverage. Some mornings can get a bit hectic.

For those of you that use GeoInvesting for idea generation, we’ve created a page for you to be able to search, sort and filter for various criteria related to values like EPS/Revenue growth, estimate beats/misses, and market cap. 

On your desktop (laptop) or mobile landscape (phone sideways) modes are the most user-friendly ways to view the table for now.

Furthermore, the table is downloadable via a csv/spreadsheet file (top right corner of table) so you can keep track of and/or analyze the data locally. Mobile portrait (phone upright) view will need some attention, but If this new endeavor goes well, we’ll work on this and other feature additions, and perhaps include it as a menu item.

In the least, it will certainly help us organize our thoughts in both the preparation of Forums and to aid us in quickly pinpointing stocks that popped up on our radar because of earnings.

Monthly Forums Earnings Table Example

Note that the last column represents a link to the Forum in which the stock was either highlighted, or expanded on if it was a standout needing some additional commentary.

We will expand on this in the next Forum tentatively planned for February 7th. 

Thanks, and see you soon!

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