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Over the past several weeks we have started to see some aggressive insider buying across stocks in our coverage universe. For example, our recent premium bullish Calls to Action in two microcap stocks were partly inspired by aggressive open market purchases by insiders.

Now, amid market volatility and related uncertainty surrounding the opening up of the U.S. economy and the upcoming Presidential election, we are extremely keen on following insider buying activity through monitoring SEC Form 4 filings. If you have not come across our educational material on Form 4 filings you can reference the following posts on Geoinvesting:

Three more familiar names are currently on our Form 4 watch list due to an increased pace of buying we have seen by insiders. What is particularly interesting about this bunch of names is that all three of them have faced operational challenges over the past few years. So, we certainly want to revisit them to determine if we can get excited about them, as we once were in the past. 

Those three companies include…

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