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Note: How to read Form 4s begins near the 13:30 mark

Why Form 4s are important

  1. Source of Alpha
  2. Gain Confidence
    • To see when insiders or large investors start loading the boat after shares have fallen hard
    • To see if insiders start buying stock after a hit piece has been published
    • To see if management is buying stock near new 52 week highs
    • To find patterns that set a near-term bottom in a stock
    • First Purchase in a while
  3. To see if insiders are selling as they glowingly talk about their company
  4. Trends and Track Record

ESCC/Peter Kellogg

  1. Billionaire Peter Kellogg buys stock
    • Helps us gain confidence
  2. Stock recently gets acquired at $1.19 per share

Geo Form 4 Feed

  2. Portal
  3. Testing New Tool

Master List That Displays all Form 4s related to the company

  1. Select “Only” from menu option label called ‘Ownership”?

Reading Form 4s

  1. Opening Form 4
  2. Dissecting Form 4
    • Secret Codes
    • Direct vs. Indirect
    • Open Market vs. No cohonas transactions
    • Footnotes

Studying the Buyer/Seller

  1. Path 1 Directly from the form 4 filing
    • Takes you to the person’s filings for all companies where a form 4 has been filed
    • Can also take you to person’s list of transactions
      • Select “Get insider transactions”
  2. Path 2 – Right to the point
    • From Form 4 Index List
    • Select “Reporting”

See All Form 4 Filers

  1. Get insider transaction from main SEC filing page.


  1. Third Party Tools
  2. Geo Tools- If you want to test these tools

Additional Material

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