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Although we believe that long term investors in Smith-Midland Corp. (OOTC:SMID) will reap the benefits of the company’s successful implementation of key initiatives, it appears that one of the biggest frustrations investors have with SMID is believing that management has turned a […]

My first site visit of the year was to Smith-Midland Corp. (OOTC:SMID). While interviewing management teams behind stocks on my buy list is one of the most valuable aspects of my research process, I also know that just as powerful can be the ability to see first-hand, through site visits, exactly how the company operates.  The SMID on-the-ground due diligence was my continuation of information gathering; from phone to facility.

The SMID site visit arose from our focus on stocks, such as NV5 Global (NVEE), that are benefiting from the U.S spending billions of dollars to rebuild/improve the infrastructure of roads, buildings, bridges and power generation grids.

Once again, the GeoTeam has uncovered an information arbitrage opportunity (bullish Form 10-Q commentary not included in the press release) in Smith Midland Corp. (OOTC:SMID), a company that just posted Blow-out Q3 2015 earnings.  SMID invents, develops, manufactures, markets, leases, licenses, […]

Taking Another Look at Smith-Midland We have been tracking SMID ($2.35) for the last several years.  Financial results from time to time have given us false hope that the company had recovered from the great recession of 2008.  However, it […]

On March 24, 2015, GeoInvesting disclosed that it decided to initiate a small speculative long position in Goldfield Corp (GV) ahead of its Q4 2014 financial release. Goldfield Corp is engaged in the electrical construction operation in the United States. We […]

GeoInvesting has initiated a small speculative long position in Goldfield Corp. (GV) ahead of its Q4 2014 financial release.  The company is engaged in electrical construction operations in the United States. Our action comes after further due diligence indicating that the company‘s […]

Goldfield Corp (GV) is back on GeoInvesting’s radar since the company’s revenue picture could be about to improve.  Those familiar with our coverage of GV know that on On May 11, 2012, GeoInvesting coded Goldfield (GV) as a GeoBargain at […]