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Saturday and Sunday gave us a chance to compile a few video discussions Maj had with various individuals.

First, we’d like to point you to the subject of US Listed China-based companies and a perspective that rarely anyone takes these days – how to be a bull on China stocks. The way we see it, it’s a maturation of perspectives that truly assess risk and opportunity in a minefield of uncertainty. Due to rampant fraud in the space over the years, the cost to most China microcap stocks has been grave one as many have of them have been all but priced to fail But what if there were still diamonds in the rough?

Maj and one of GeoInvesting’s research contributors, Jan Svenda, sat down with Peter Halesworth, who runs Heng Ren Investments, a concentrated special opportunities fund focused solely on microcap Chinese stocks listed in the US. Peter’s specialty is in the activist investor approach. His strategy aims to unlock the true value of the companies, many of which are viewed as outcasts of the stock market or where management is not acting in the best interests of shareholders.

Peter talks about how this came to be (unsurprisingly, we played a significant role in this) and why this created opportunities for diligent investors who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves. He also shares an interesting case study of a currently halted stock that might easily jump over 100% once released. At the end of our chat, he shares a long idea which is well worth following.

Please see the full discussion here.

Second, Maj spoke informally with Mr. David Sean McEwen, Chairman, Pres & CEO of Konatel Inc (OOTC:KTEL) and Joshua Ploude, Chief Exec. Officer of Apeiron Systems, a company KTEL recently acquired.

They explain why they believe KTEL’s telecommunications solutions are better than its competitors.

A key takeaway from the conversation is that KTEL offers a true platform solution that can actually be complementary to product offerings of companies that at first glance seem like competitors.

KTEL was recently added to GeoInvesting’s long disclosures.

This will be published soon.

Finally, On February 19, 2021, Maj Soueidan, co-founder of GeoInvesting joined Paul Andreola, Founder of Smallcap Discoveries’ on Paul’s podcast to engage in a “Free For All” chat to bounce microcap investment ideas off one another.

Paul discussed his research funnel and offered market-related introspection. Maj joined in with his background and strategies, as well as 2 current but long-time favorite stocks, Information Analysis Inc (OOTC:IAIC) and Intouch Insight Ltd (OOTC:INXSF).

Check out the episode here.


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