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So far in 2020, I have had the pleasure of having some great guests on the Avoid the Crowd podcast, hosted by me and produced by Robert Kraft.  The guest line-up has included fantastic conversations with Geoinvesting members @TheGladiatorHC, who teaches penny stock investing courses and Brandon Beylow (@marketplunger1), founder of Macro Ops a site geared towards education on stock research and investing.

This past week, I had a wonderful chat with OTC investor Dan Schum. Dan is founder of NoNameStocks, a blog where he writes about some of the most illiquid and ignored OTC stocks. It’s often that we cover the same stock universe extensively at Geoinvesting. In fact, after the up-listings of Crexendo, Inc. (OOTC:CXDO) (cloud communications) and Repro Med Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:KRMD) (home healthcare medical device) to the OTC, 27 of the 42 stocks included across our various model portfolios currently trade on the OTC. 

Dan and I first connected in 2017 when we realized that we both owned a sleepy little stock, Electronic Control Security Inc (OOTC:EKCS), that sells products and software to address perimeter security solutions. By the way, the stock is still quite sleepy and faces growth challenges.

If you are looking for some investing inspiration I highly recommend that you view the podcast where you’ll see that tons of quality does exist on the OTC and that a little common sense and patience can go a long way when investing in Tier One OTC stocks. Like Chuck Akre, Dan shows us that you don’t have to come from a finance or business background to start your journey to become a successful investor. However, he does use some of the skills from his engineering background to help him in his investing process. The following clips highlight some of the interesting takeaways from my conversation with Dan.

Please see the full video here on GeoInvesting.

Notable clips can be seen by navigating the following link at the video on YouTube:

  • 4:35 Dan Decides to ditch the bigs and invest in microcaps and nanocaps
  • 19:20 Dan’s investing approach
  • 20:30 The core of Dan’s strategy (keeping it simple) 
  • 35:22 Finding investment ideas through collaboration
  • 49:44 The Strong Adapt and Survive
  • 54:22 Why Microcaps / Risk Misconceptions
  • 1:05:11 Does Dan want to be a full time investor? 
  • 1:05:52 The lonely side of being a “dark stock” investor
  • 1:06:40 The essence of being an OTC microcap investor
  • 1:12:40 Having a little fun with Bobby and Dan’s stock pitch
  • 1:16:49 More about Dan

Again, you can see the full video here.

~Maj Soueidan, Co-founder GeoInvesting

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