Maj Soueidan ArbitrageThanks for checking out GeoInvesting. My name is Maj Soueidan. I am a full-time investor and co-founder of GeoInvesting is a place where a growing community of investors from different walks of life are working together to find great stories to invest in.  With some initial capital saved and the book “One Up On Wall Street” by legendary Fidelity fund manager Peter Lynch, I began investing while in college between 1988 and 1992. My passion is finding “under the radar” micro-cap opportunities and sharing them with other investors. I enjoy helping others understand the advantages of investing in smaller homegrown U.S. companies to supplement their overall investing strategies.

When I graduated college in 1992 I took a part time job at The Vanguard Group, working in the evenings. It was the perfect fit.  I would spend my days performing research, interviewing management teams and developing an eye for finding unique and undervalued micro-cap stocks. I bought my first “multi-bagger” in 1994 and I was hooked. At the time, I briefly published my first investment newsletter called “The Market’s Edge.”  I left Vanguard in 1994 to become a full-time investor.

Micro-caps appeal to me due to the information arbitrage opportunities they provide. An arbitrage exists when a disconnect between stock prices and available public information on a company is noticeable, and monetarily worth pursuing. Sometimes, the mispricing of micro-caps can be substantial. This strategy has “paid dividends” for many investors. Part of the reason the “Info. Arb.” opportunity exists is because investors often associate micro-cap stocks with pump & dump companies with no revenues and profits. But there is no better strategy in the stock market than to look for opportunity where others are not looking. There are many good micro-cap companies with real revenues, some even with blue chip customers.

Learn From My Struggles

Investing in general can be challenging, at any level of market cap.  I had to watch my portfolio wax and wane through volatile situations like the 1997-1998 Asian currency crisis, the dot com bubble, 9/11 and the 2008 subprime financial crisis. And now is no different, with the media’s constant message of fear being force fed to us every day.  But a good buy/sell discipline, limiting the emotional response that comes with investing, has helped me maintain and grow through tough times.

I learned that in order to become a better investor I had to learn how to simplify the investing process, narrow the investment universe and perfect investor relations and management outreach. I have trained everyday investors how to make money in the stock market by seeking out micro-cap companies before “the Street” finds them. Unlike many other micro-cap sites that focus on finding development stage penny stocks with sexy stories that ultimately fail (pump and dumps), GeoInvesting focuses on real companies with real products and real revenue. One of the most important things I have learned while building GeoInvesting is that there are so many great people with great ideas.  I hope we have the opportunity to share ideas soon.  The best is yet to come.

Maj Soueidan

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