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GeoInvesting March 2017 Highlights

On The Radar

New stocks we’re taking a first glance At

Our Latest GeoBargain – We released a report on our latest GeoBargain on March 15, 2017. It’s a stock that we believe to “just make sense” and a long thesis that “Peter Lynch would love.” We see the possibility for a potential multi-bagger scenario.

Coming Soon: The GeoTeam has identified a time-sensitive information arbitrage scenario that we will be releasing to members at any moment. We think this scenario could also result in multi-bagger returns.  Go here to get the pick.

Learn With Us

Education to help you become a better investor

Form 4’s and Insider Buying By Maj Soueidan, GeoInvesting Co-Founder – Read our educational write-up on Form 4 filings; how to read them, how we use them to make investment decisions and what they could mean for your portfolio.

Conquer Mental Investing Biases By Siegfried Eggert, GeoInvesting Equity Analyst – Read Geo analyst Siegfried Eggert’s take on “How to Not be Your Own Worst Enemy” when it comes to conquering investing biases. Find out why Siggy believes biases matter more in investing than in any other profession.

Studs & Duds

The reality of investing – Our best and worst picks


Swing Trades

Highpower International (NASDAQ:HPJ)Bought at $2.80 on 3/7/2017 — Peak $4.95

Naked Brand (NASDAQ:NAKD)Bought at $1.70 on 1/13/2017 — Peak $3.68

New Coverage

Broadwind Energy Inc. (NASDAQ:BWEN)Initiated coverage at at $6.04

Moving into Wind Energy – On March 6, 2017, we released notes on an interview with management that we performed with BWEN, an alternative energy company. Since our interview, shares of this company have risen more than 30%, but we continue to believe in the short term there is around 20% upside from current levels.


Volt Information Sciences Inc. (AMEX:VISI) — We began covering VISI as a special situation/restructuring play in mid-January 2017. While the financial results were underwhelming, Q1 2017 marked the best quarter since 2012 for the bottom line. We were banking on the company to unlock value from an asset sale, but ultimately the sale took place at a lower valuation than we predicted. Shares were off from ~$8.15 to ~7.05, but we believe a longer turnaround story is still in play.

A Note From Maj Soueidan

This month’s message from Geo Co-founder Maj Soueidan

Our call to action pipeline for 2016 finished with an average return of 32% over the course of 46 Call to Action alerts that we issued throughout the year.

We have plenty in our pipeline for 2017 and we are anticipating another strong year of resurgence into the microcap space, similar to the action we began seeing in the back half of 2016.

There’s never been a time where I’ve been more optimistic about microcap investing. 2017 should be a great time to join us at GeoInvesting, where we do the difficult work for you in order to unearth information arbitrage and microcap opportunities with multi-bagger potential. If you have any questions, email me personally at I look forward to hearing from you.

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