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In early 2016, we introduced our first “Buy on Pullback” Mock Portfolio.  We stated:

“We are constantly on the search for company stock prices that react negatively or have muted reaction to good news.  These type of overreactions or under reactions are often the result of market gyrations or the inability of investors to digest the full scope of a particular event.”

We introduced our first “Buy on Pullback” Mock Portfolio on January 19, 2016 in the midst of the market correction that negatively affected quality stocks, pushing them to prices that were attractive to us.  At the end of May 2016, we constructed our “Buy on Pullback” Mock Portfolio 2.0.  These mock portfolios returned an average of 35.6% and 31.8% at their peaks, respectively.  

Our “Buy on Pullback” Mock Portfolio 3.0 from October 4, 2016 is still playing out.  In our February 7, 2017 email we issued a “Buy on Pullback” Mock Portfolio 3.0 update and stated we would begin looking for stocks to construct our next Mock Portfolio 4.0.

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