GEO Investing

We know it’s been a tough market environment, and we’d like to thank you for sticking around while we wipe the grime of the first half of 2022 off our chins. Out of 2021 came 8 multibaggers, some eclipsing 200% in gains. However, as you know, holding onto those games in 2022 has been challenging. The current environment underscores a few themes: *Nothing lasts forever, *When times change, it’s necessary to potentially change or massage strategies to accommodate the new environment, *Money can be made in any market condition, *Portfolio management is needed to lock in gains and add shared to quality stocks around volatility. So, as bad as it’s been for some of the legacy stocks that have been in GeoInvesting’s coverage universe since 2007, we have quietly tweaked our strategy for the new 2022 value investing theme to identify qualifying stocks in our universe, as well as new stocks to highlight.