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Today, we’d like to highlight 3 of our latest events in which we spoke with the executives of microcap companies residing in our Model Portfolios. Two of the three CEOs represent stocks that occupy slots in our Top 5 Fave high conviction list.

The first talk was with the CEO who likes to get particularly granular about every facet of his company, which provides a variety of retail and wholesale telecommunications services and is certified to provide government subsidized phone services to low-income Americans.

Adding to the conversation was his President and COO, whom our members got a chance to meet for the first time via the live Management Briefing below.

We were definitely impressed with the numbers and progress laid out by the duo, affirming our confidence that the stock deserves its spot in our Top 5, and are excited to see what the remainder of the year will bring.

The second Top 5 Fave doubles as a Run to One candidate that we’ve been acutely interested in as the world continues to navigate the post COVID environment. We covered this subject here in a past weekly post, specifically mentioning  how there is a need for companies like theirs since they address other companies’ most pressing and pertinent issues, now that they’ve seen first hand how challenging it is to shift their business models to best accommodate customer satisfaction. The video below is a second instance in which we spoke with the CEO when Maj appeared on a popular YouTube channel focusing on microcap stocks.

The third and final video is of another Management Briefing with the CEO as well as the President of a company that provides integrated solutions to the telemedicine industry. We were eager to learn more about some of their most recent initiatives, especially with COVID, as the disease continues to be a concern across all medical disciplines.

A hot topic of the discussion was the various types of testing that the company endeavors to offer, and where most of their expertise lies. When we wrote our RFT on the company, there were many questions that were left open to discuss, and this being the second time we were able to pin them down for a conversation helped understand the broader picture of where the company is headed. The main detail we need to continue to monitor is the company’s ability to expand its business outside its COVID-19 related testing and FDA approval software platform services.

Thanks for watching.

A Word on 2022’s Challenging Environment

We know it’s been a tough market environment, and we’d like to thank you for sticking around while we wipe the grime of the first half of 2022 off our chins. Out of 2021 came 8 multibaggers, some eclipsing 200% in gains. However, as you know, holding onto those games in 2022 has been challenging. The current environment underscores a few themes:

  • Nothing lasts forever
  • When times change, it’s necessary to potentially change or massage strategies to accommodate the new environment 
  • Money can be made in any market condition
  • Portfolio management is needed to lock in gains and add shared to quality stocks around volatility 

So, as bad as it’s been for some of the legacy stocks that have been in GeoInvesting’s coverage universe since 2007, we have quietly tweaked our strategy for the new 2022 value investing theme to identify qualifying stocks in our universe, as well as new stocks to highlight. 

This has resulted in greater than 37% average gains for the stocks highlighted in our last monthly newsletter highlight and introduced in 2022. When compared to a market that is flirting with a recession, that is not too bad.

These themes are exactly what will drive Maj’s new product/venture that he’s so far only introduced to GeoInvesting members. 

If you were to get a glimpse behind the scenes as MS Microcaps’ Active Model Portfolio product subscribers are now seeing, you will get an appreciation of our continuous focus on building a pipeline of research candidates ripe for the new market environment.

We’ve been around since 2007. Yes, those 15 years allowed for an unprecedented market-wide boon in stock investing, as well as 240 multibaggers for us. But we are now entering a reality where a newer and revived growth + value investing strategy will matter again, leaving those with a dying mentality that “everything must go up” to reassess their own strategies and perhaps visit ours.  Can you believe that this mentality dominates anyone who entered the world of investing since the year 2007? Unless they were well-read and learned from the icons, they don’t know any better, but we can’t blame them.

So, we are on the hunt for the next 240 multibaggers (an average of 16 doubles or more per year). While we don’t know how long that will take, you can bet that we will duadruple down on our efforts, for both our and YOUR sake.

Have a great trading week in this tough market. 

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