GEO Investing

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season so far. With Christmas behind us and the New Year up ahead, we are organizing our thoughts on how to approach 2022. Facilitated through calculated research and disciplined portfolios, the last 2 years have been good to GeoInvesting and its members. We don’t plan to stop paving the way to this good fortune.

With back to back abbreviated trading weeks and low volume in most stocks, as is expected the time of year, let’s see if this market-wide counter-COVID Santa Rally persists to the year’s end!

This week, we thought we’d share a small excerpt of the Fireside Chat we had with a company that distributes products and supplies for the personal hair care industry. We know, not very exciting, but you don’t need an extravagant business plan to have an exciting movement in your stock price. Sometimes boring is beautiful. And this is the multi-bagger setup we think we have here.