This is the second installment of the ongoing 2020 video summary series that Maj is recording in 4 to 5 stock segments. The segments serve to give updates on each of over 40 stocks currently residing in our model portfolios.  After having received a little feedback from members, we made sure to do our best to make the presentation more visible by zooming in to the specific sections of each Power Point page (for the sake of mobile viewing). Any other feedback is welcome.

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About the Author:

GeoInvesting is an investment research boutique in Skippack, Pennsylvania. The GeoTeam's focus is on providing high quality stock market research tools and in-depth due diligence on U.S. small and micro-cap equities and on Chinese companies trading in China and the U.S. We research long and short ideas, and are the leading research boutique charged with helping investors navigate the treacherous China equity universe with a paramount goal to protect portfolios from fraud. Numerous notable media outlets have credited GEO We have been credited with exposing numerous fraudulent companies in China. We have built a reputation in the US small and micro-cap space as champions of transparency. On the long side, we have also developed a knack for picking stocks that have the propensity to get acquired at attractive premiums to their current prices. Our team is currently comprised of 13 analysts and traders, and 7 on-the-ground researchers in Mainland China.


  1. Maj Soueidan January 12, 2021 at 12:43 pm - Reply

    Thanks for watching, Boyd. We certainly plan to increase our video engagement.


  2. Boyd January 12, 2021 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    Thank you, I find these videos very informative. I often understand ideas better through seeing and listening. Reading comprehension is not my strong suit- lol.

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