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The latter half of last week was packed with events hosted by Maj, all for which we have replays. We are gradually beginning to populate our new video filter page on the portal. We’ll be making that page available soon.

But for now, in case you missed them and are a premium member, please enjoy the latest recordings of these events, hot off the reel:

July 2022 Live Member Open Forum

As we highlighted during the week, this ended up being our most attended Open Forum for Maj to elaborate on GeoInvesting covered stocks. Of particular note were guest speakers we had on deck, one of which was Scott Weis who, in light of the great turnout of his first event, informed us of another upcoming CEO meeting event taking place in Chicago at Joe’s Seafood on August 16, 2022 at 4:30PM, where Assertio Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASRT), Dhi Group, Inc. (NYSE:DHX), Ammo, Inc. (NASDAQ:POWW), Usio, Inc. (NASDAQ:USIO), and Harte-hanks, Inc. (NASDAQ:HHS) executives will field questions from the crowd of invitees…speaking of which, you can also be one by sending a note to if you are interested. Scott is looking for 18+ investors, and at least 7 have committed so far.

During his time on the clock, Scott spoke a bit on a few of the companies, which we encourage you to listen to.

The second guest was another fellow investor who was happy to speak on Boardwalktech Software Corp (OOTC:BWLKF). Since he’s been following the company for a longer time period than it’s been on our radar,  we wanted to take advantage of his several-month head start on his research, especially now that the stock was just introduced to our Tier One Quality Microcap Run to One Model Portfolio.

He shared with us that this software solutions company has nearly 100% recurring revenue and over 80% gross margins. The company does not need to raise capital and is about to reach profitability, selling at a great valuation. We currently think we could see a potential 100% increase in the stock price.

July 7, 2022 Live Fireside Chat with Hudson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:HDSN) management

The tag team of Brian Coleman and Nat Krishnamurti, Hudson Technology’s CEO and CFO, respectively went on to explain, among other things:

  • The history of recycling refrigerators that contain harmful substances affecting the ozone layer and today’s environmental benefits of recycled refrigerators
  • Equipment manufacturers and chemical producers and their role in the business due to regulations in California that might become soon become federal
  • Reclaiming chemical and having a certification that’s good for their customers
  • The benefits of being environmentally friendly
  • The future of the industry, new HFO technology and what it means for CO2 emissions

July 8, 2022 Live Managment Morning Briefing with Stephan Co (OOTC:SPCO) director

The Stephan Company’s Director, Jad Fakhry, came back for more interaction with our community as he gave us a post earnings update. We were glad that he was able to talk about the acquisition of 614 Barber Supply, and their strategy for M&A and market share as a whole up to and including buying up small competition and distributors, with considerations for promising  brands.

He also talked about:

  • Industry trends of barber shops and pushing customers more to online from catalog
  • A focus on quality
  • The fragmentation of the market
  • Lingering issues supply chain inflation
  • The company’s $2 million inventory
  • Strategic geographical locations

July 8, 2022 Podcast with Tobias Carlisle

It was due time for a conversation between The Acquirer’s Multiple founder Tobias Carlisle and our own Maj Soueidan as they navigated the various current affairs and subjects of the small and microcap world and outlook for value investing strategies.  The first time they met was on Tobias’ own show, and we only thought it appropriate to reciprocate by hosting him this time. Several of the subjects were very familiar to us, especially those that included how the last decade of investing in microcaps has been a bit tricky. So, naturally, the conversation parlayed into the various strategies and mindsets needed to be a successful investor.

Thanks for watching, and look for what we feel to be some of the most important clips from these discussions in the coming week.

Take care!

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