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Versar (VSR) Protective Apparel Personal Protective Equipment an Option Against Ebola Protection

Through it PPS division, VSR provides emergency response equipment including protective apparel to protect against the Ebola virus.  It should be noted, yesterday we may have been to fast to pull the trigger in our tweet that stated we agreed with a Seeking Alpha article stating VSR was a victim of the Ebola bubble and that was not a real beneficiary in the Ebola craze.  Even though  its PPS division accounts for less than 5% of revenue, the company has taking steps to become much more direct (promotional) regarding its potential participation fighting against Ebola. Quote from site: “The Ebola virus is spreading across the world at an unprecedented rate this year, leading to what medical experts have described as the worst epidemic of the disease yet. As the fatality and casualty cases continue to rise in the existing infected areas we want to ensure that everyone is in a position to PREPARE, PROTECT, PREVENT”

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