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Greetings. Today, we’d thought to give you a regular update from Maj on thoughts about current and new Model Portfolio Convictions. There was a little bit of post production involved with this one due to its length, so thanks for your patience (and sorry for the length, but chapters are included for your convenience:). For a full table view of what we are currently keeping track of as far as convictions go, you can go here. And the video referencing that table is below.

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  1. Brian McCann

    Brian McCann

    Just started getting interested in AEY again. I owned it previously and did well, but I think they could really benefit during the re-open. Or just normalization really.

    1. Maj Soueidan

      Maj Soueidan

      Hi Brian,

      Just saw this message. I’m getting really excited about AEY. Next quarter will probably be a record by a wide margin and no one has picked up on it yet.

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