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  • On the heels of the rise in our New Monthly Focus Stock series, showcasing three with returns of 35.97%, 100.35% and 22.15%, we are gearing up for a potential fourth focus stock to be revealed at our next live monthly forum event.
  • Site visit buckets. 
  • TSS Inc. (OTC:TSSI) Site Visit Notes.
  • Summary of a second site visit is in progress. 
  • ALAR bulls and bears square up.
  • Performance: 
    • Buy On Pullback Model Portfolio (BOP) closed the week at its best average return yet, 50.82% (using prices when added to the portfolio to current prices), helped along by a late day surge of 20.36% from Fitlife Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:FTLF) and a 12.06% move from Intouch Insight Ltd. (OTC:INXSF) (INX.V), both closing at new 52-week highs.
    • Big Movers Of The Week; Koru Medical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:KRMD) Getting interesting again.

Even though this was a subdued week for morning email sends, I was knee deep in research. As you know, the back to back fourth-quarter 2023 and first quarter 2024 earnings report seasons keeps us extremely busy. The break between Q1 and Q2 gives us time to circle back and get caught up on our research. 

To be frankly honest, our team is seeing an abundance of opportunities in the stocks we already cover, as opposed to being forced to solely rely on new stocks being added to our seasoned coverage universe. That’s the benefit of GeoInvesting being around for 16 years, with a microcap coverage universe of over 1500 stocks, which includes 104 stocks pitched from our contributing authors since 2015.

For example, Fitlife Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:FTLF), our second Open Forum Top Pick, at $25.74, is up 35.97% since we made that call during the April 3, 2024 forum, and 2436.23% since it was officially placed in our Model Portfolios on November 23, 2018 at $1.38. The stock actually entered our coverage universe after contributor, Avram Fisher, published his bullish thesis on the stock on Geoinvesting on July 29, 2016 at a price of $3.45, translating to a current return of 914.5% (peak,1504.3%).

Crawford United Corp (OOTC:CRAWA) (old symbol HICKA), our first Open Forum Top Pick (May 10, 2023), currently up 100.35% since the Open Forum, was inspired by organic research that the Geoinvesting team initiated on July 18, 2017, culminating in a research report on August 11, 2017. It’s up 534.54% (off its high of 709.09%) since it was officially added to our Model Portfolios  on September 9, 2017.

Our last Open Forum Top Pick was First Acceptance Corporation (OTC:FACO), a new stock in our Research pipeline, is so far up 22.15% since its inclusion in the Open Forum Top Picks List on May 9, 2024.

We are currently eyeing up our fourth Open Forum Top Pick. Stay tuned as we continue to try to keep the streak going.

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