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A joint article  by The Kansas City Star and McClatchy Washington Bureau discussed President Trump’s infrastructure priority list.  A quote from the article states:

“President Donald Trump’s team has compiled a list of about 50 infrastructure projects nationwide, totaling at least $137.5 billion, as the new White House tries to determine its investment priorities,”

“The total number of projects is more than 300,” Waskey said. “We are working to convene information for as many states as possible that we will then forward to the administration.”

“The initial spend on these projects for 2017 is expected to be $150 billion, and the transition team hopes that this type of project will be continued over the next 2 years,” according to the letter.

We are looking through the areas of focus, particularly for stocks that may benefit from the spend and preferably those that we find to be undervalued based on fundamentals.

Trump’s Infrastructure Priority List

The following is a list of the categories, the number of times they were referenced in the table featured in the article, and which states they apply to:

  • Highways and Bridges 11 (OH, KY, NC, PA, MI, NY, NH, LA, FL, CO, VA, CA, NM, SC)
  • Water / Inland Waterways 13 (IL, MO, SC, National)
  • Mass Transit 7 (TX, NY, MD, MI, MA, IL, NY, NJ)
  • Electricity and Transmission 7 (OK, CA, NV, AZ, WY, NY, National)
  • Airports 3 (WA, MO)
  • Rail 3 (DC, IL)
  • Ports 3 (LA, GA, NJ)
  • Oil and Gas 2 (AK, VA, NC)

Investors should note that none of these projects are binding contracts.  The article states:

“The letter also noted that any contributions governors made would not be binding, and that this was “just an initial information-gathering request.”

It is  going to take time to identify what microcap stocks can benefit from these initiatives, should they be put into motion.  For example, will companies in the vicinity of the project regions have the best chance of winning contracts?  If you are a “research junkie”, we’ve compiled a list to give you a head start. We also encourage you to share your research if something stands out that you feel needs highlighting.  In the meantime, click through the link at the bottom to gain access to microcap stocks that serve these industries.

If you are a premium member and missed yesterday morning’s email, you can go here to see the rest of the note and our initial thoughts on what stocks could be prime candidates for a few of the categories; you can go here to see a “living” screen of other infrastructure stocks that we are following.

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