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This week, we are beginning to take a look at 4 stocks:

  • Oblong Inc. (NYSE:OBLG) and Thunderbird Entertainment Group (OOTC:THBRF) (TBRD.V) are two stocks we want to dig into after interviewing management at Robert Kraft’s microcap virtual conference last week. OBLG owns and markets video collaboration tools that are used during video conferencing. New management is attempting to execute a turnaround. THBRF is a profitable company that provides content to streaming services such as Netflix.
  • Video Display Corp (OOTC:VIDE): Details of turnaround disclosed in recent filings have us taking a closer look at the company’s attempt to reinvent its video display products.
  • Lastly, we are following a company that just had strong Q2 earnings is prompting us to revisit our old research as the company’s pivot to an online strategy, taken years ago, gains steam due to COVID-19. Moreover, we think the company may have reached an inflection point where earnings per share could undergo a startling growth rate over the next few quarters. Specifically, we think the company is selling at a P/E of 3 on near and mid-term future earnings potential.

We’d also like to highlight that long time member of GeoInvesting, TheGladiator (twitter: @TheGladiatorHC), who himself is a champion of microcaps, posed some questions to Maj Soueidan, Geo’s President and Co-founder. Because the questions were sent to him via email, it gave Maj a chance to deeply reflect on his beginnings as he’s often done before and get specific on some key strategies he uses when investing in microcaps. TheGladiator posed the following questions:

  1. What got you into the markets in the first place?
  2. Can you give us a summary of your trading strategy?
  3. If there was one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you first started what would it be?
  4. Tell us about your biggest winner
  5. Tell us about your biggest loser and how did you mentally recover from that?
  6. What are the usual warning signals that a spec stock has gone bad and it’s time to leave?
  7. Why microcaps? Of all the different kinds of companies to invest in, why microcaps?

You can see the full answers to these questions here, and thanks for reading!

Weekly Wrap Up Summary…

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