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GeoBargain on the Radar TIK designs and manufactures avionics test and measurement instruments for commercial air transport, general aviation, and government/military aerospace and defense markets worldwide. The outlook is bullish according to recent Q1 2015 conference call and here are some highlights in the summary:

  • Fiscal Q I 2015 ended June 30, 2014, was a transitional quarter for TIK setting the company up for strong performance in Q II and throughout the rest of fiscal 2015:
    • Company invested substantial time, labor and inventory in ramping up TS-4530A and ITATS programs and began generating revenues for both programs in July.
    • Had to upgrade hardware and software at no charge to the Navy on 400 CRAFT units, only seven remain.  Once upgrades completed begin shipping new units and billing Navy.
    • Absorbed $345,000 legal costs for the Aeroflex litigation and the legal costs should drop substantially in Q II.  Company believes suit without merit but will continue to be a nuisance.
  • Fiscal Q II 2015 revenues should exceed Q II 2014 ($4 million).  Fiscal Q III and IV 2015 should be substantially greater than Q III ($4 million) and Q IV 2014 ($4.1 million).  Fiscal 2015 revenues will be substantially more than 2014 and the company will be solidly profitable.
  • Beginning fiscal Q III, three government contracts alone will generate nearly $6 million revenues per quarter: TS-4530 ($3 million), ITAT ($750,000) and CRAFT (around $2 million).  In addition, the company will generate around $750,000 a quarter in commercial and foreign sales and those revenues should increase based on new technologies related to product releases.  It is not unreasonable to assume Q II revenues of around $5 million and Q III and IV revenues in excess of $6 or even $7 million if commercial and foreign sales also pick up.
  • Company has an $8 million NOL that will reduce future tax payments but not impact EPS.

Please see the full summary here.

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