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Keep in mind that one of our goals is to provide you with insights into how we identify red flags while we are performing bullish research. This is especially relevant if you are or want to aspire to become a full time investor. Or maybe you just  really enjoy the research process and digging into companies before you buy them. If that’s the case, then this case study is for you.

The Premise Behind The Case Study

This is a situation where a company we were looking at seemed to have some nice bullish characteristics that quickly turned into an about face scenario where we thought, “wait a second, this looks more like a portfolio protection, red flag type of case study for us.”

So, I wanted to talk to you about that so you can see how we research stocks at the very initial due diligence stages of a company, so we don’t waste time, spend too much time on it, once some of these red flags start to surface.

Although we may still watch those companies, we need to be aware of those things…basically, because of some of our past experience at exposing lower quality companies and pump and dumps.

Let me say right out from the beginning here, I’m not saying the company I’ll be talking about is a pump and dump or is a lower quality company. But, through our analysis, it turned out that there were definitely some red flags we need to be aware of, before totally getting behind this and writing a “Reasons for Tracking” (RFT) article.

Before reading the new column we have written on the cybersecurity company in focus, we invite you to listen to this short PodClip recorded by Maj on additional thoughts why we are looking at the company, of which the initial portion of the transcript is the intro above. After hearing it, please continue reading for some important added color.

Headquartered in Pittsford, New York, Infinite Group Inc (OTC:IMCI) is a developer of cybersecurity software and related cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and managed information security services. The company principally sells software and services through indirect channels such as Managed Service Providers (“MSPs”), Managed Security Services Providers (“MSSPs”), agents and distributors and government contractors, collectively referred to as channel partners. The company also sells directly to end customers.

Marketing (where business comes from)

  • 89% – channel partner sales
  • 11% – direct sales to end customers.

Revenue as a percent of services

  • 60% – Managed support services
  • 38% – Cybersecurity software and services
  • 2%   – Other consulting services

Go here to the GeoInvesting Portal to continue to read why IMCI looked interesting to us, what some red flags are, and why we will continue to keep tracking it.

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