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After some feedback from members, we have begun to implement some things to help bring some clarity on how we feel about certain stocks in our model portfolios. We started this process by assigning rankings to the Favorite Model Portfolio. The number “1” indicates that we are extremely bullish about short and long term price appreciation; “2” indicates that the company is facing challenges that need to be addressed which could limit short term price appreciation. 

We welcome more feedback on whether you believe this task is useful to you. If so, we’ll take another step to make it as convenient for you as possible.

Also, as covered in my recent talk with GeoInvesting research contributor Noah Goldberg, Noah prepared a model crypto portfolio consisting of projects in the finance arena. This too will be expanded upon if there is interest.

Below, you can review these items.

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  1. Renn V

    I like the recent updates! Happy to see the update cryto list too. I think it would be beneficial to send out or have a feedback question survey after all the updates are completed.

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