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Since GeoInvesting was founded in 2006, over 40 stocks brought to Geo’s premium members have been acquired.  Last week, snack food company Golden Enterprises Inc. (NASDAQ:GLDC) was acquired for a 100% premium a little over one month after our premium alert was issued at around $6.00.

We now found a microcap stock with big cap cachet that is on the sell block. Consequently, we thought it an excellent idea to take a long position in the stock as we, along with activist shareholders, believe the bid is too low. Our valuation scenarios reveal that the takeover bid should be raised by as much as 50%.  More aggressive assumptions generate a price that is 200% above current prices. Join our growing community to get a first look at our thesis before savvy investors catch on to what we believe is an obvious opportunity.  Upon sign up, we’ll send you to the research immediately.

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