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56 In early October of this year, I gave a Red Flags speech at the Traders4ACause charity event at Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas. I was honored to have spoken alongside Sahm Andrangi (@KerrisdaleCapital), Jon Najarian (@jonnajarian), Ryan Sellers (@openoutcrier), […]

On a July 25, 2016 we published a research note titled SkyPeople Fruit Juice — SPU — Lighting Up U.S Listed China Stocks.  We summarized a potential transaction between one of SPU’s subsidiaries, Shaanxi Guoweiduomei Beverage Co,. Limited and a State Owned […]

This week, low float U.S. listed China stocks (ChinaHybrids) such as SkyPeople Fruit Juice Inc. (SPU) continued to heat up.  We are currently cleaning up a list of low-floaters that we published a while ago.  Since then there have been additional stocks that […]