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GeoInvesting Weekly Premium Email and Call To Action Updates (March 16 – March. 20)

We’d like to continue to stay as optimistic as we can as the market selloff deepens. Although we are obviously not doctors, we’ve seen/heard a lot of great recommendations on measures that you can personally take to lessen your own risk of becoming critically ill from COVID-19. A combination of stringent hygiene routines and appropriate supplements can go a long way. A dear friend of ours sent a message from a doctor overseas in/near Spain that echoes these measures. That can be heard here. The transcript of this audio can be found here.

On that note, there are a lot of companies, both private and public, racing to come up with mitigation and research efforts on many fronts:

  • More accurate and quicker testing to hone in on the numbers associated with the virus, as well as afford everyone the opportunity to gain peace of mind.
  • Clinically tested prophylactics.
  • Vaccines.
  • Telehealth solutions.
  • University/company collaborations.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – masks, gloves. face shields, coveralls, gowns

At times, searching for investment opportunities at a time like now may feel sobering and misaligned with the overall wellbeing of society. We all have loved ones and friends who have been and will continue to be affected by this for years to come, but if we can find opportunities to help mitigate the financial loss that so many have experienced during this ordeal, we feel we are doing some good. Personal and family health are a consequence of three different properties – physical, mental and monetary – all of which, when stable, lead to a quality of life that everyone aims to achieve.

The resilience of the United States and the ability of companies to bounce back gives us hope that we will be able to synchronize our own comebacks and the third property above with that of the economy. 

We feel like we are in a unique position to use our own resources and background, and draw upon our archive and history of research to identify opportunities to ensure that our quality of life can be sustained.

A few weeks back, we stated that we were honed in on galvanizing a list of microcap stocks whose price drawdowns put them in our crosshairs for buying on their pullbacks. After assessing the state of the market and witnessing trends evolve with respect to investor behavior, we are extremely drawn to companies that stand ready to meet new or increased demands from lifestyle-changes being adopted by both citizens and companies across the globe. In short, this is a trend that involves adapting to what could prove to be a social norm encouraging or even requiring people to work from home and do other daily activities at a distance from other people. It also involves the race to technological and medical innovation, accelerating the adoption of home healthcare and services that save the healthcare system money. 

As promised, we have started to create a list of potential Buy on Pullback Model Portfolio stocks. Please note that these lists are very preliminary in that company near-term outlooks can change day to day. We are mainly focusing on the demand side of the equation. Supply side disruptions are a little harder to predict and are a meaningful direct or indirect short-term risk to a good deal of companies, even if customer and peer to peer demand is strong. Recurring revenue business models are the most attractive to us. 

We have not added or devoted significant capital to current or new stocks at this time, but we certainly want to be prepared. 

Two research buckets we are looking to build upon. Below we go into more detail.

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