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GeoInvesting Weekly Premium Email and Call To Action Updates (June 8 – June 12)

It was a slow week for us at GEO, so I’ll take a moment to discuss our recent call to action in FMCIW.

On May 29, 2020, we disclosed a small speculative position in FMCIW (warrants) at $2.50.  I also created a video that included a discussion on the trade. The warrants reached a high of $5.25 on June 10, 2020.  However, the warrants and the common stock, Forum Merger Ii Corporation (NASDAQ:FMCI), experienced a major pull back last week after FMCI announced a proposed merger with Ittella International (Tattoo Chef). The warrants closed the week at $3.10. Investors had been betting that FMCI would consummate a merger with Incredible Foods.

Even though Tattoo Chef was not the plant based merger everyone hoped for, a related investor presentation and conference call discussing the merger includes some interesting pieces of information. For instance, Tattoo Chef currently sells products in 7% of WalMart stores and anticipates being in 50% of them by the end of year. The company is also profitable and has also been growing revenue at a fast clip:

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