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Sgoco Group (NASDAQ:SGOC) ($1.62 marked up in pre market) – a company focused on product design, distribution and brand development in the China display market, today announced,

a new on-line sales platform on to accelerate the delivery of high quality service and products. SGOCO takes a significant step towards the development of e-commerce through this arrangement. With the sharing of vision and strengths, the agreement will allow both parties to drive new growth opportunities.

By signing the new distribution agreement, SGOCO agrees to provide the best-priced, exclusive and competitive products to for online direct sales. The new arrangement enhances the cooperation between these two companies and demonstrates SGOCO’s commitment to establish new distribution channels and its vision of offering customers the latest products to satisfy the demand of online trading platforms.

Regarding the newly launched sales platform, Mr. David Xu, Director, President and CEO of SGOCO, commented,

“SGOCO takes a decisive step further towards the implementation of e-commerce and the alliance is a key strategy for the Company. We are excited to cooperate with and confident that the positive cooperation can create unique and meaningful new growth opportunities. Developing new distribution channels enables our products to be more accessible to our customers and further expand our customer base.”

He added,

“We are constantly looking for potential e-commerce partners and are happy to team up with, a reliable and progressive company which will support our strategy initiatives. Consumers can enjoy superior online retail experience and comprehensive customer services with the new distribution channel. In line with our transformation plan, we are eager to increase our participation in the e-commerce market in the future.”

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