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During Selectica Inc. (NASDAQ:SLTC)’s Q1 2016 conference call, we took notes on from a general company overview perspective, as well as looking at three main initiatives the company is trying to execute. We also identified notes from the CEO, analyzed the company’s operating expenses, and looked at the result of new partnerships helping expand international business.

Our Analysis of SLTC’s Conference Call

Here’s some select notes we made from SLTC’s Q1 2016 Conference Call:

  • General overview— management clearly excited, thorough, poised and confident in their presentation.  They seem to know what they are doing, where they are going and on a mission to get there.
  • CEO states SLTC team has the plan, resources, energy and focus but it will take time for the operating results to reflect what they are accomplishing.  Investors will therefore have to be patient while the management team executes.  Turning the business around is a process and investors will see steady progress quarter over quarter.
  • Three main initiatives:
    • Win new customers.  There has been a talent shift in the sales organization and company experienced an all time high in new wins during quarter.  As sales team gets traction and b-Pack is absorbed, expect ongoing progress.  “In Q1 FY2016, the company closed the greatest number of new customer accounts in recent history and expanded the value of current customers across a variety of business verticals domestically and internationally.”
    • Expand existing customer relationships. Specialized team focuses on existing customers to make sure they are getting the solutions they need, look for opportunities to add new solutions, deepen and broaden the relationships.  “With respect to expanding existing customer relationships, the team deepened, broadened and grew customer relationships to over 10% of our customer base….”
    • Operational performance.  Slowing the volume of free services, reorganize and realign resources, refine weekly and monthly operating metrics, get smarter and more efficient.  Team laser focused on turnaround.
  • New partnerships helping expand international business.  Working through partners rather than staffing up internationally. “Selectica’s Global Alliance team successfully expanded its indirect sales channel by signing three new global partners and alliances: Beroe Inc., Partners in Performance, and Xoomworks Consulting and Outsourcing. Through these new partnerships, Selectica contract management and strategic sourcing solutions will be poised to penetrate areas of the globe not currently served by the direct sales team, including India, Australia, New Zealand, and expanded areas of the United Kingdom.”
  • Operating expenses. Excluding acquisition related expenses, operating costs were flat and will trend lower over time.

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