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With one stock added to our Speculative Long Model Portfolio this past week, a company that has recently turned its attention to focus on opportunities in sustainable cannabis cultivation facilities, it was largely a quiet week on the email front. You can read up on it a little more on the company via the Premium Emails section referenced below.

Maj was, however, able to engage in a few discussions, one in which he sat in for Little Grapevine to speak with Linda Tharby, the new CEO of Repro Med Systems, Inc. dba KORU Medical Systems (NASDAQ: KRMD), and another, through his Podcast “Avoiding the Crowd”,  which was a retrospective on this past summer’s investment environment and the impact of rule 211 on dark stocks, as well as an opportunity for more discourse on a company that will be a featured guest in this coming Tuesday’s Fireside Chat with the Geoinvesting community.

As usual, you are invited, and the details of the event are here and below:

GeoInvesting Weekly Premium Email and Call To Action Updates (Sep 7 – Sep 10)

Weekly Wrap Up Summary…

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