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We just received confirmation from GeoInvesting premium member and research contributor Egor Romanyuk that he has closed his position in Usa Truck, Inc. (NASDAQ:USAK). USAK is a trucking company stock idea that he pitched to the GeoInvesting Community on August 8, 2021 at a price of $13.85. During the course of the next several months, the stock’s price climbed to a peak price of $29.09 during his coverage period, or an increase of 110%. It still sits in the mid-20 dollar range. Part of Egor’s pitch conveyed what he thought the fair value of USAK was.

“So there’s all this freight that needs to be moved at all these high prices, but there’s nobody to drive them. Right. So even there, they got hurt. And even then they came out with a record quarter. I think once like Darren Hawkins of YELL said on the transcript -, as soon as all these American workers get off the bench and get back into work, then I think it’s just gonna blow up and it’s gonna blow up the most in the industrial sector.”

“I mean, trucking is just, it’s gonna go huge, it’s gonna affect the rates, it’s probably going to bring them down, because there’s so much more supply of trucks, when you have all these drivers. But, you know, the way prices work in the world regarding whatever it is, they rarely have a tendency to go down. Once you get the prices up, you’re very likely to just keep them there where they are”

“So that’s the short pitch. I think it’s very undervalued. I think at simple multiples in the industry, we’re looking at probably a $250 million market cap fair price. So we’re talking about double the price of the stock now. So I think it’s fair, that it will be 30 bucks a share, and it’s going to get there. The float is actually quite small. The float is, I think, only 2 million shares.”

So there you have it. Egor is 3 for 3 on his truck stock pitches in USAK, Yellow Corporation (NASDAQ:YELL) (here) (up 231% since pitch price) and CAI International (acquired at a price of $56/share and pitched at price of $23). We don’t know if he is going to pitch another stock to us in the future as he is embarking on a few entrepreneurial endeavors that might keep him busy for a while.

Catch his entire past discussion on USAK here.

Since we are on videos, we’d like to point you to a few clips from our discussion with the CEO of an industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions, RF & microwave, and power products.

It’s our opinion that the company is capitalizing on a rare opportunity to create a moat in several of its business segments to enable it to log above average growth rates in sales and EPS for the next several years. We think this will result in an expansion of the stock’s valuation multiples and put the stock on track to be a multi-year multibagger.

Below are highlights of subject matter related to the company’s tube/magnetron/microwave business and use cases, the replacement of lead acid batteries with longer-life ultracapacitor modules in wind turbines, as well as the profitability of these capacitors.

We are extremely excited about the company’s involvement in the wind turbine industry, as its ultracapacitor solutions extend the useful life of equipment needed to operate turbines when compared to the status quo lead acid lead acid battery solution. Furthermore, the company is starting to address the needs of lab grown diamond and 5G markets, hot and growing sectors where the company is seeing increased order flow.

Sign in and listen to the featured segments below.

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“It was an exciting week with higher daily volatility than we have seen for a long time. It was a large volume of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings last week, and now, with a large majority of US company financial statements being reported, we see another astonishing growth period with sales growth at the average US company remaining above 25% and profit margins rising.

In a period, such as now, when corporate growth is rising, stocks will outperform long treasury bonds and sure enough, even with the long treasury bonds down 4% last month, stocks clearly outperformed.

Volatility has appeared in recent months because of the uncertainty related to interest rates. Before the Ukrainian invasion, it seemed clear that with inflation at 7.5% and higher and with sales growth of at 25%, interest rates will ultimately rise. That would be very inconvenient for the mid-term election since inflation responds to tighter money with a lag.”

Op-Ed: Watching Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shakes my own understanding of American power (Yahoo News)

“I lived in the Ukrainian capital from 2004 to 2006 – two of the best years of my journalism career and two very happy years of my life. I ran The Associated Press’ Kyiv bureau, having arrived there from my previous AP reporting job in Moscow.

My Ukrainian colleagues became good friends. They were patient with my often stumbling Russian and my endless questions. Even the camo-wearing, gun-toting guard who responded to our office alarm every time I accidentally tripped it when working too early, or too late, was kind.

Weekends, I explored Kyiv. In winters, I tried not to slip on the invisible ice patches and dodged falling icicles. I warmed myself with mugs of glintvein, a mulled wine, bought off street vendors. I frequented a fast-food varenyky (dumpling) spot with more regularity than I should admit.”

As Russia bears down on Ukraine capital, oil hits 7-year high (CNBC)

“Russia’s continued aggression pushed energy prices higher. West Texas Intermediate crude futures rallied on Tuesday, breaking above $106 per barrel and hitting its highest level in seven years.

“Stocks are mostly for sale, and the underlying price action is worse than the headline indices make it seem … Russia/Ukraine uncertainty remains the primary theme and there still isn’t enough clarity for stocks to feel comfortable stabilizing,” Adam Crisafulli of Vital Knowledge said in a note to clients.

Wheat prices also surged Tuesday. The rise in commodity prices added to inflation fears in the U.S. and Europe.”

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