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Maj Soueidan, co-founder of GeoInvesting and GeoInvesting research contributor and member Glenn Bloxham-Mundy prepare for the next conversation with the CEO of a telecom services company we’ve been diving deep into.

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  1. Maj Soueidan

    Maj Soueidan

    Hi Juan.

    I think the EBB program and now California will be a huge catalyst. I definitely understand your position on trying to understand the industry that all these cloud communication stocks are operating in. It’s hard to really get a total grasp of what they do unless you work in an environment that uses their solutions. But I think KTEL CXDO and ATGN make up a home run cloud communication model portfolio.

  2. Juan Antonio Lechuga

    Juan Antonio Lechuga

    Thanks Maj, very interesting the analysis of KTEL and the history of his CEO. The EBB Program can be a catalyst for the stock.

    I’m also checking CXDO and ATGN, although the sector where these companies work is difficult to understand for me.

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