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Maj Soueidan, co-founder of GeoInvesting and GeoInvesting research contributor and member Glenn Bloxham-Mundy prepare for the next conversation with the CEO of a telecom services company we’ve been diving deep into.

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  1. Maj Soueidan

    Hi Juan.

    I think the EBB program and now California will be a huge catalyst. I definitely understand your position on trying to understand the industry that all these cloud communication stocks are operating in. It’s hard to really get a total grasp of what they do unless you work in an environment that uses their solutions. But I think KTEL CXDO and ATGN make up a home run cloud communication model portfolio.

  2. Juan Antonio L

    Thanks Maj, very interesting the analysis of KTEL and the history of his CEO. The EBB Program can be a catalyst for the stock.

    I’m also checking CXDO and ATGN, although the sector where these companies work is difficult to understand for me.

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