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Good evening. Tonight, we’d like you to take a little bit of time to view a pitch Scott Shuda (follow at @ScottShuda009) gave to Maj this past Friday. The pitch is on a medical technology company that provides therapeutic based laser systems, delivery devices, and consumable instrumentation to treat sight-threatening eye diseases in ophthalmology. 

In case you are not familiar with Scott, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of Breakout Investors, and has in the last 17-years spent working as a constructive activist managing investment funds that seek to help struggling small caps unlock the value within their businesses. Breakout Investors is a global community of investors sharing ideas and research about public, and mostly North American equities.

As Scott stated in the beginning of his conversation with Maj, he is an individual investor and a network oriented investor:

I’m collaborating with you and a bunch of other people to target the new wave of opportunity, the market, which interestingly enough is a lot like the 1990s.

From Around 2004 on, we saw the number of investable companies in the micro and nano-cap space declined steadily.

But that has reversed, there’s the SPACs, and there’s the OTC companies, which have much greater respect now. You’ve got the Canadian-listed companies, the Australian-listed companies. 

So it’s just like the 1990s in the sense that there is tremendous opportunity, tremendous innovation, lots of opportunity, and using the tools of the internet, social media, I’m spending most of my time investing with other like minded people in these names.

View the talk and pitch here, and we hope you enjoy it.

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