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We hope your holiday weekend treated you well, at least better than Friday’s markets may have. The market pullback is actually not surprising to us, given the steady climb across the board amongst all major indices since the COVID-19 bottom in March 2020. Investors just needed a small catalyst as a reason to retreat from stocks they own. That catalyst came to fruition in the form of a news story.

The big question here is, will the continued and predictable attention given to a new Covid-19 variant out of South Africa have a prolonged effect on the direction of the markets, as well as on the stocks in our Model Portfolios? This in combination with a noticeable trend in market participants’ profit taking, or flight to safety, could spell a golden opportunity for us to double down on our biggest convictions in our Favorites Model Portfolio should they have a pronounced fall in price.  

You might have been watching major gains in some or our most covered names dissipate this past week as the shift in talking head sentiment took center stage – a parroted ensemble of fear mongering emanating from outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and CNBC, to name a few. 

The fact remains that we’ve been there before, and we’ll be here after. Is it time for a new Pullback Model Portfolio? We have yet to determine this, but rest assured that we are on a deck ready to deploy our own reality should the circumstances present a Call to Action! History has shown that our reality prevails in the end, so let’s not panic, and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, or the bright side, so to speak.

For example, Jan Svenda, Maj Soueidan’s analyst, put out a PodClip on November 26, 2021 discussing the recent price movement of Origin Agritech Limited (NASDAQ:SEED), suggesting that we look at the company’s positioning in a positive light during a potential protracted COVID environment:

“The reason for the update today is really [because of] the share price action regarding the ticker in the past few days, and especially, today, as you know the market was spooked by the new COVID strain coming out of South Africa. SEED itself, the stock opened lower by 5%. It rebounded a bit, but we just wanted to comment on  how the company is actually positioned around COVID. We believe that they’re actually very resilient, and that any sort of COVID impact might have in China would actually just motivate the government more to speed up the process of [SEED’s] certification.”

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Recommended Reading From Around The Web

Speaking of reading, one famous investor who preaches this practice is Warren Buffet.  All too many investors think they can pounce upon the market and start making money without understanding the foundation from which it is built and operates.

An article from Neckar’s insecurity Analysis discusses Buffett’s reading obsession:

“Did a young Buffett read a lot? Yes, he certainly did. Did he spend all his time churning through annual reports, newspapers, books, and trade journals enough? No. Buffett understood how to balance his stack of reading materials with a solid travel schedule. He did not expect to solve the world’s investment puzzles solely from the comfort of his desk.

He built and maintained relationships that allowed him to source and discard ideas and evolve as an investor (not to mention enrich his life). Just think about the influence that Munger had on his pivot towards quality investing.”

The article also links to a depot of buffet quotes curated by Cannon Financial that you might find oddly inspiring, and perhaps sprinkled with a bit of mind control 😮

See the article here.

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