GEO Investing

CTDH sells cyclodextrins (“cyclodextrins” or “CDs”) and related products to the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and other industries, primarily for use in diagnostics and specialty drugs with continuing growth in research and new product development.   In our 2/26/2014 email to premium members, when the stock was trading at $0.20, we listed our reasons for tracking.  We mentioned that we were extremely excited to follow the developments of this possibly unfolding growth story.   We stated that in some respects it reminds us of GeoBargain POLXF.   On 3/12/2014 CTDH reported record revenues for 2013:

  • CTDH reported record product sales of $1,693,335 for the fiscal year ended 12/31/2013, a 71% increase over 2012 product sales.
  • The Company reported net income of $205,000 for 2013, a 176% increase over 2012.

Bullish commentary from management:

“In 2013 we achieved traction for sales of our branded products, took advantage of historically low interest rates to refinance debt, and invested in our market channels to increase sales,” said Dr. Jeffrey Tate, President of CTD Holdings. “With the addition of two key international investors to our Board in February, we are poised for accelerated growth.”

We are coding CTDH as a GeoBargain on the Radar at $0.27 and will look to initiate a position.