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Yesterday we put out an article to our members that NHTC offices had been raided, citing eyewitness accounts from neighboring businesses in NHTC’s Beijing building. Confirming our story yesterday are two major media outlets in China, including SINA Finance.

Yesterday morning, the company issued a press release saying they were unaware of any investigation.

This morning, it was reported on two reputable news sites that the company’s Beijing offices had been raided and investigated. There are also photographs on Twitter that apparently show officials at NHTC’s Beijing offices.

Here is the original source of the document, and a link to SINA Finance, which picked the story up.

The content from the SINA Finance article stated the following, which we have translated below.

nhtc breaking

Our paraphrased translation:

On January 11th, 3PM, Beijing Chaoyang District SAIC and Public Security Bureau [the Police] raided and investigated NHTC’s Beijing Office. The news reporter was on the scene and witnessed several office people and members to cooperate with the investigation. Until the time of release, reporter hasn’t heard initial results from SAIC and Public Security Bureau officials.

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