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Have you ever heard the expression “A poor man’s _____”?  It generally refers to getting 90% of the upside of something (like the production of a baseball player) at a fraction of the cost, thus creating much higher value.  We at Geo Investing look for these opportunities just like a good GM would, but we actually have more opportunities in the 12,000ish microcaps, where multi-baggers are waiting to be found.

Tremendous Research

One thing we do is tremendous research across many factors to build our watch lists.  The baseball sabermatricians would love our numbers.  We update this data as new information becomes available.  And sometimes we see opportunity as the overall market changes.

And we just found a potential All-Star for league rookie minimum, to carry our baseball analogy further.  This company has the same look as some big leaguers that are overpriced, which make this find even more valuable on a relativistic basis.  It’s got a big arm and three plus pitches, plus is a lefty.  You’d want them on your team in a heartbeat, they’ve just been overlooked.

Multi-bagger Portfolio

We like this pick so much we added it into our multi-bagger portfolio.  That is about as much as we an love a company based on the numbers and price.

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