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This week we have a few spotlights for you to digest.

First, Maj was elated to have the opportunity to speak with Robert Mulcahy, a new GeoInvesting premium member. It’s always refreshing to get some perspective on the journeys of investors that come to learn a little more about what GeoInvesting does and the research we perform. 

Please see that conversation here and let us know if anything resonates with you!

On a very related note, Robert was also drawn to us since he has been following a stock that we have covered extensively, Crexendo, Inc. (OTC:CXDO), and he actually published a write up on the stock, which was published just yesterday. He takes a structured approach to his diligence on CXDO, covering the recent acquisition of NetSapiens, and suggests a valuation scenario at the end of his pitch.


In case you haven’t yet noticed, we’ve been trying something new. Maj and one of his analysts, Jan Svenda this past week put out a combined 7 PodClips on stocks in Geo’s universe of coverage, all of which can be seen here. We’re starting to catch on to the fact that media is certainly king when it comes to the consumption of research and updates, which is why we are incorporating both our monthly forums, and now PodClips in our repertoire of research dissemination for member engagement.

While we are increasingly on the go, the clips make it convenient for us to quickly answer member questions as they come in, chime in on major news as it hits the wires, and comment on the price action of our stocks, or whatever else might be the purpose. I’m sure we’ll find many more reasons to put them out. So, please enjoy them and continue that feedback coming in, which has so far been positive and helpful.

Again, see all of the clips here. They are searchable, and there’s no need to leave the page. But of course, we’ll try our best to include the clips at each of the stocks’ respective profiles on the pro portal.


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