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GeoInvesting Weekly Premium Email and Call To Action Updates (May 18 – May 22)

Over the last 13 years, Geoinvesting has been attending and supporting multiple microcap conferences, such as Bobby Kraft’s Planet Microcap, Chris Lahiji’s LD Micro, and Ian Cassel’s Leadership Summit. We love presenting stock pitches and being part of panels. That’s why we are happy to announce our support of which will be launching its first virtual conference, G-1, this Tuesday. 

Little Grapevine conferences focus on inviting higher quality companies to pitch their stories to serious microcap investors. Geoinvesting played a key role in identifying companies that might qualify for G-1 by interviewing all management teams prior to their approval. We also prepared questions for management teams to answer, which I happily moderated. I look forward to supporting Little Grapevine and working closely with them as we continue to educate investors that quality microcaps do exist in a space full of skeptics.

G-1 will include  6 pre-recorded company presentations which will be released throughout the week. You can also register for the event to let Little Grapevine know that you’ll be showing up and supporting them in their inaugural event. Please do that here –

In the future, as a GeoInvesting Premium Member, you will be given early access to Little Grapevine conference events as they occur.

On a related note, we are currently talking to Bobby Kraft ( to see if we can play a bigger role in his conference as he continues to grow and do his part in educating investors about the microcap space. 

Maj Soueidan

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