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Lakeland Chart UpOnce again, GeoInvesting has found an information arbitrage that is moving shares of Lakeland Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:LAKE) higher today, despite the news not being widely disseminated.

Most people know that LAKE filed a press release yesterday stating their intention to release earnings next week and eventually file the accompanying 10-Q.

Lakeland NT 10-Q Filing: Significant Increase in Revenues and Income

What it doesn’t say in the press release, that it does say in the NT 10-Q filing itself, is that this delay is because the company is expecting to report a “significant” increase in revenues and income, as they state in the filing:

The Company expects to report a significant increase in revenues and income from continuing operations for the second quarter ended July 31, 2015 as compared to the comparable quarter in the prior fiscal year, however, at this time an estimate cannot be reasonably determined as more work is needed to complete these financial statements.

This verbiage constitutes an information arbitrage, and we alerted our members of this via premium tweet as soon as the information became available to us. Information arbitrage creates some of the best opportunities in the market, especially in micro-cap equities. Our members get the advantage of our team working day in and day out to find these opportunities and alert members to them before the rest of the market finds out.

Our last information arbitrage opportunity was in shares of EFOI and was based on comments made in the company’s conference call that were not widely disseminated. EFOI shares more than quadrupled from the $6 range to as high as $27, before pulling back to current levels today near $17 after we alerted premium members of the company’s bullish statements.

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