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First of all, we hope you had a safe and pleasant Thanksgiving holiday.

As we near the end of 2020, we see it fit to take a look at our current positions. We’re going to change it up a bit and serve up in a “60 seconds or less” video by Maj, where he will as quickly and concisely as he can visit each of the 43 current long positions disclosed here. The intent is to give you an overall feel for where we stand with respect to the conviction levels assigned to each company, especially since some have been on the list for some time, while others are newer additions. Stories obviously evolve, and one of the most frequent kinds of questions we get invariably deal with how to navigate the long disclosures on GeoInvesting. Are some positions long in the tooth? Is it too late to enter certain positions? Which ones are the most timely? 

Let’s see if Maj can keep this one under an hour. It’ll be quite a feat if he can. If he can’t, expect it to be broken into 2 vids. 😉

While we prepare for this to be released, please find the past week’s coverage below.

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