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In my latest episode of Avoid The Crowd, I had the pleasure of speaking with the management of what I consider to be a Tier One microcap company.

Chris Bering, President and CEO, and Andrew Bass, Director of E-Commerce & Board Member, at FirsTime Design Limited (OOTC:FTDL). FirsTime Design Limited, through its subsidiary, License Products, Inc., does business as FirsTime Manufactory, an industry leading designer, marketer and distributor of timepieces and home decor products sold through national and regional retailers. You can read our latest article on FTDL here.

GeoInvesting has been tracking FTDL since 2014 and disclosed our long position in the stock on November 3, 2020. Since starting Avoiding the Crowd last November, we wanted to invite management teams to the podcast for in-depth interviews on their companies, and FTDL just happens to be the inaugural episode in that subset of the series. Through this interview, it became more evident to us how FTDL has been laying out the blueprint to becoming a Tier One MicroCap.

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