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We know we said that we’d have the contributor stock pitch available to you tomorrow, but since we were able to prepare it earlier, we published it today.

In his conversation with Maj this past Friday, Egor Romanyuk pitched Usa Truck, Inc. (NASDAQ:USAK), a truckload carrier in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The company operates through two segments, Trucking and USAT Logistics.

In his first conversation with Maj in April 2021, Egor explained why he invests heavily in transportation companies, capitalizing on a true “buy what you know” philosophy preached by Peter Lynch. We encourage you to watch that discussion too (here), perhaps after you hear his pitch on USAK.

When Maj caught up with Egor on August 6, 2021, he primed his pitch with a few small reasons why USAK is in his crosshairs:

“So USA Truck – The reason why I like it. It’s super illiquid. When there’s good news, it moves up. I did a lot of research on it and like it for all the fundamental reasons

The trucking industry is very hot right now. I’m sure you’ve seen like all those pictures of all these container ships that are stuck at LA ports, trying to get in

The trade deficit for the U.S., I think it’s at record levels. So there’s a lot of stuff being imported into the country.

The retail sentiment is high right now. So there’s a lot of freight to be moved around. And trucking companies or a lot of trucking companies are capitalizing on that.”

For the complete take on Egor’s USAK pitch, please watch the entire video here.

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