GEO Investing

In our 1/8/2014 email we provided an update to our original note on FSPM from 2011. We stated:

“We were never able to speak with management, and since we felt growth would be dependent on a capital raise, we were not actively tracking the stock.  However, recent developments have put FSPM back on our radar.

The company has recently announced large orders and expansion of its production capacity.  In a 9/25/2013 press release management stated:

“The new sales center will greatly enhance our sales staff’s ability to show our product variety and capabilities and we expect our sales to see significant increases in the next 6 months”, commented FusionPharm CEO Scott Dittman. “We were absolutely bursting at the seams in our existing facility. The new facility will not only improve our productivity and efficiency, but will allow us to keep up with our pending sales pipeline”

The whole marijuana sector has been hot of late as the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has given many stocks a nice lift.  Advanced Cannabis Solutions In (OTCCB:CANN) and  Cannavest Corp (OTCCB:CANV) have both risen over 100% in the last month alone.  FSPM has also risen over 100% with shares rising from the $0.30 level to current prices of around $0.75.  With the current momentum in the marijuana space and with Washington and Massachusetts slated to possibly legalize marijuana in 2014, we are willing to take a speculative hype bet on shares of FSPM.  Please be advised we can not comment on the legitimacy of FSPM operations and are unaware if the company has already raised the necessary capital to fund its near term growth.”

Since our post, shares of FSPM rocketed and have now broke through the $5.00 mark.