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DGLY (traded sharply higher to over $14 in pre-market trading) has risen 200+%  over the last 7 trading days as its body worn cameras targeted to law enforcement industry are gaining market traction.  The recent IPO of GPRO has probably also increased awareness for DGLY.  ISNS and VII have also been rising  sharply on the heels of  DGLY.  We think the rise in ISNS and VII are unwarranted since neither of them sell body worn cameras, according to SEC filings and their web sites.  ISNS and VII shares were sitting at  $2.35 and $2.10 , respectively, before they ran .  Both companies are  not  growing  revenues and are losing money.  Here are our tweets from yesterday regarding  ISNS:

  • Believe $ISNS move higher on heels of $DGLY unwarranted. Appears does not sell body worn cameras. Anemic rev growth and losing tons of money
  • Believe $ISNS should totally reverse its recent run to trade at around the $2.35 level.

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