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A 140 Year Old Company Openly States Company Principles, Worthy of Tracking [GeoWire Weekly No. 50]

By |2022-09-21T09:17:07-04:00September 18th, 2022|

We are following a stock that has something in common with an historic stock market milestone - the year 1929. The span of time between 1929 to 1939 marked a 10-year era known as The Great Depression, a protracted event that many argue had a multitude of causes, both domestically in the United States and worldwide. The US saw a major decline in the stock market, falling consumer prices (deflation) in the midst of a major shift in product manufacturing techniques, joblessness, and an eventual slowdown in global trade that brought commerce to a fraction of what it once was just years before. Ironically, we are now following a manufacturing company that was incorporated the very year marked by the beginning of the Depression. (although it was technically founded in 1880). If you think about that for a second or two, it’s not often you can find a company that has been around for 140+ years. As you may know by now, our first criteria in our tier one quality microcap checklist is “long operating history.”

Shareholder Letter Has Stalwart Fitlife Brands Back On Our Radar [GeoWire Weekly No. 49]

By |2022-09-12T11:10:37-04:00September 11th, 2022|

Fitlife Brands Inc (OTC:FTLF) is a manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements for health conscious consumers in the United States and internationally. We’re going to start watching FTLF a little closer due to the contents in a mid-year shareholder letter that the company issued in a July 8k in conjunction with its December 2021 year end results. You can see our prior coverage on FTLF here. GeoInvesting research contributor, Avram Fisher, published his bullish thesis on July 29, 2016 at a price of $3.45. We subsequently published a ‘Reasons For Tracking (RFT) piece on the company on November 23, 2018 at a price of $1.38 (report prices adjusted for splits - 1:10 on 4/16/2019 and 4:1 on 12/8/2021).

It’s Not Just A List, But a Discussion on the Top Things to Look For in Microcap Investments [GeoWire Weekly No. 46]

By |2022-08-23T11:28:52-04:00August 21st, 2022|

We believe that stock ideas coming to fruition, especially as a direct result of many of the tenets we use to evaluate the fitness of an investment, are the bright spots when the pervasion of negativity slams the market. These tenets, or as we like to call them, Tier One Microcap Criteria, are at the core of our discoveries in the microcap investment arena. Maj and our new GeoInvesting team member, Sanjay Amarnani, discussed the top 10 of these criteria in detail.

ADDvantage Technologies Putting Money Where Their Mouth Is [GeoWire Weekly No. 45]

By |2022-08-23T10:53:20-04:00August 14th, 2022|

We are in the thick of the calendar Q2 earnings season. This 2022 quarter in particular is a bit of an anxious one since we want to see many of the companies we cover start to follow through with hopeful statements they might have made several quarters back while covid disrupted business operations across the board. Investors are getting weary, and as some larger cap companies are leading the way in what seems to be a stealthy market recovery, it could be an indication that this success is a macrocosm of things to come across the board.

Surprise Live Open Forum Guest Hudson Technologies, Inc. (HDSN) Dives Into New Relationship With Lennox [GeoWire Weekly No. 44]

By |2022-08-14T17:19:56-04:00August 7th, 2022|

At the last moment we were able to usher in a special guest company, Hudson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:HDSN). HDSN is a refrigerant services company that provides solutions to recurring problems within the refrigeration industry, primarily in the United States. The company's CEO, Brian Coleman, elaborates on the company's growth, gross margins targets and expectations in the Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) reclamation industry (in which the company plays a significant role), industry consolidation, HDSN's advantages on the regulatory front and what the business initiatives that the company’s financial guidance does not account for.

Use Our Live Events as Opportunity to Gain Alpha [GeoWire Weekly No. 43]

By |2022-08-04T12:10:10-04:00July 31st, 2022|

Why is it so important to join us in our live events like the Fireside Chats and Management Morning Briefings. The Fireside Chats are by invitation only, and are intended to accomplish several things like: Learning about company management and their histories, qualifications and goals; A conceptual understanding of the companies in general; Question and answer sessions that both we and our members can take a part in; Garner any new bits of information that might make for actionable moves on our part

An Antidote to the “Nifty 50” Frame of Mind [GeoWire Weekly No. 42]

By |2022-07-24T15:00:10-04:00July 24th, 2022|

In our July 7, 2022 podcast with Tobias Carlisle, the Founder of The Acquirer's Multiple, we got a really great perspective on this subject matter that fits nicely in the narrative of large cap overvaluation vs. opportunity in smaller stocks poised for growth on the basis of their underlying fundamentals. He visited a phrase coined the “Nifty Fifty” that in two instances, decades ago, was applied to a group of stocks that were very relevant to investors who were looking to capitalize on what turned out to be disruptive, or popular high growth stocks, like $MS, $GE and $WMT. Tobias recounted how history kind of repeated itself on these two occasions - during a boom in the 1960s to 70s, and in the wildly notorious dot com era, however it was not just relegated to those time periods. He pointed to other historical patterns when investors successfully sought only high growth stocks, but while that was the ebb, the antithesis was the subsequent flow of value that crept into the equation -  the so-called mitigator, the antidote - to keep things in check for a while after growth stocks or markets corrected. 

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