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Market Has Yet to Fully Digest What’s Obvious To Us About This Ag Tech Company [GeoWire Weekly Issue No. 7]

By |2021-11-21T17:55:23-05:00November 21st, 2021|

As you may know by now, a weeks’ long effort of on-the-ground due diligence and research culminated in a report on agricultural company $SEED, which currently resides on our premium portal. We have yet to decide if we are going to open the report up to the public to reveal exactly what we found. We present supporting evidence for our bullish stance on the company’s future

As Q3 2021 Earnings in Full Swing, We’ve Got An Update on Deck About A Well-Covered Company [GeoWire Weekly Issue No. 6]

By |2021-11-20T17:59:57-05:00November 14th, 2021|

Our first and foremost priority is to relay as much opinion on our high conviction stocks as possible. In this vein, a shotgun approach is something that may be needed. Because we put ourselves in a position to get our Cloud Communications Trio presentations out before their earnings were released, knowing full well that there was a good chance that they would announce favorable results, we knew that our work was cut out for us with respect to all the other stocks in our universe, since their numbers were and are also on deck.

Richard Sosa of “Riches in the Niches” Podcast Interviews Maj; And Don’t Ignore Our High Conviction Pick [GeoWire Weekly Issue No. 5]

By |2021-11-13T10:00:59-05:00November 7th, 2021|

I’ve been speaking breathlessly about Information Arbitrage (InfoArb) in the world of microcaps for years, and quite honestly, won’t stop stressing how important it is in weeding out potentially exceptional investments. In my most recent appearance in a podcast called Riches in the Niches, I made no exception.

Investors Thought We Cried Wolf, UP Fintech (TIGR) Takes A Plunge [GeoWire Weekly Issue No. 4]

By |2021-11-06T14:41:09-04:00October 31st, 2021|

$TIGR took a hit the week ending October 29, 2021, falling by 27% to $6.47. So far this month, the stock is down 38.9%. From our point of view, this was not entirely unexpected. To us, It was more so a foregone conclusion that, given the due diligence we performed in 2019, when we first pointed out that Up Fintech was operating without the proper license(s) required for Chinese citizens to trade foreign securities -, mainly a brokerage license

Months Long Hiatus Ends For Microcaps And SPACs; Kuppy Wins [GeoWire Weekly, Issue No. 3]

By |2021-10-29T19:02:47-04:00October 24th, 2021|

If you were lucky enough to keep your SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Corp) monitor intact through the last 6 months, it’s possible you are surfing another wave of buying in these investment vehicles meant to bring privately operating companies, some established and some in the development stage, public through acquisition. This has become a popular mode of listing, especially if funds available to these companies are tight and they want to get to an exchange quickly. Equally as popular is investor interest is these SPACs and associated warrants.

Centrus Energy (LEU) Trade Plays Out Like A Charm For GeoInvesting Member [GeoWire Weekly, Issue No. 2]

By |2021-10-24T11:44:52-04:00October 17th, 2021|

Centrus (LEU) was pitched to us by premium member Dave Demchak, who liked the stock after it retraced by about 50% from mid-August 2020 highs, to around $10 per share. LEU’s most recent high of $54.75 on October 14, 2021 translates to a 440% return from his initial mention of the company’s potential.

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover – Not All Microcaps Are MicroCraps [GeoWire Weekly, Issue No. 1]

By |2021-10-24T11:43:10-04:00October 10th, 2021|

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