GEO Investing

APPG ($1.37) – APPG is one of the most obvious pump and dump cases we have come across since we began investigating P&D’s in our inaugural report on RAYS which now trades at $0.001.

Some of the characters associated with APPG have deep roots in the pump and dump game.One character in particular that caught our attention is Lyle Hauser. Hauser’s company, The Vantage Group, is well entrenched in the APPG story. Mr. Hauser has ties to numerous past pump and dumps either through being an executive of these companies or by providing capital to them through diluted financing transactions (convertible securities) via The Vantage Group LTD., company where he holds the position of president and CEO. In 2012 We actually exposed his last P&D, First Quantum Ventures (PINK:DIMI). The stock fell from $1.38 to $0.04 in four trading session.  We think investors will easily put the pieces of the APPG puzzle together resulting in a quick dump of its shares.