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Nearly a month ago, we stated that we were adding our first stock to our fourth portfolio representing select equities that saw price declines in the face of what we feel to be misinterpretations of and/or overreactions to news. They also represent opportunities to take advantage of little-noticed, already publicly available information gleaned from SEC filings and conference calls.

In 2016 we built two “Pullback Portfolios” that quickly returned aggregate final peak returns of 35.6% and 36.4%, respectively. In 2017, Portfolios 3 and 4 are still playing out and will contain no more than 5 stocks.

Yesterday, we included another stock to Portfolio 4, making it the third stock to be added since the portfolio’s inception on February 15, 2017. We are in the process of vetting 2 more stocks for inclusion in the folio.  It should be noted that we likely take positions in these stocks, which is testament to the conviction that we have in them.

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