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Everyone is closely watching how California’s legalization of recreational marijuana use for adults will play out and how other states may continue to adopt the popular trend.  After the passing of the law that now makes California the largest state to allow the unhindered propagation of cannabis to its recreational markets, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a terse memo on January 4, 2018 that served as a cautionary note and reminder that federal marijuana enforcement will be here to stay, bringing to the forefront the rift that continues to exist between governments on the federal and state levels.  All prior memos on this very subject have been rescinded.

ZDPY’s Bryan McLaren on Sessions Memo

Bryan McLaren, Zoned Properties (OTCQX:ZDPY) CEO, joined Executive Casts last week, a day after the memo was issued, to offer his perspective on the one-page remark, also reflecting on how ZPDY continues to forge relationships and develop a best-efforts approach to increase the Company’s footprint in the shifting marijuana landscape.  Zoned Properties is a “strategic real estate development firm that at the moment is focusing very heavily on the medical marijuana/cannabis space”.

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