Zoned Properties Inc. (OTCQX:ZDPY)  has joined the Executive Casts platform to connect with its investors about aspects of its operations, as well as to shed some light on key executives’ personal backgrounds, experience, and perspectives.  Zoned Properties, Inc. is a strategic real estate development firm whose primary mission is to identify, develop, and lease sophisticated, safe, and sustainable properties in emerging industries, including the licensed medical marijuana industry.

Zoned Properties’ video segments cover a wide array of subjects, most notably CEO Bryan McLaren’s personal perspective on the direction of the company.  Among the various clips, he speaks on:

  • Importance of Building Trust and Transparency
  • His Background
  • Zoned Properties’ mission and vision
  • Shareholder value and transparency
  • Legislation
  • Focus on Mitigating Risks in a Changing Industry

Bryan McLaren, CEO Zoned Properties Inc.

Mr. McLaren is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zoned Properties, a strategic real estate development firm that identifies, develops, and leases sophisticated, safe, and sustainable properties in emerging industries. McLaren has a strong professional background in the social, economic, and environmental development of complex business organizations. For more than a decade he has successfully implemented programs and projects for corporate and community organizations. Mr. McLaren holds a Bachelors of Business Administration and Ethics Studies from the University of San Diego, a Masters of Sustainable Development from Northern Arizona University, an Executive Masters in Business Leadership from Arizona State University, and an MBA focused on Sustainable Development from Marylhurst University. Throughout his graduate education, McLaren devoted time to community development and philanthropic efforts earning a number of honors and awards including Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society Membership and the Distinguished Walton Scholarship. Mr. McLaren is also a certified Green Roof Professional and has been certified as a LEED Green Associated by the United States Green Building Council. Prior to his role at Zoned Properties, McLaren worked as a Sustainability Consultant for Waste Management where he led the strategic development and operational implementation of zero-waste programs for Higher Education clients. McLaren has worked as a Sustainability Program Manager in the Higher Education industry and has been appointed as a City Sustainability Commissioner. Sustainable development has been a life-long passion for McLaren, who strives to create a global impact by forging a strong foundation for principles of sustainability in emerging industries such as the medical marijuana industry.  See more about the company at